14.04.13 Dog HitchDogs are not allowed in the community garden but they have a hitching post outside and an off leash dog run near by.


14.04.12 Community GardenHere is our Community Garden. We can’t wait to see what people around us will grow.

14.04.11 Soil Test KitThe Lady got these for me the other day. I always love digging into the nerdy details of things. For example the current soil temperature in our community garden plot is 54 degrees and did you know the soil needs to be about least 68 degrees before seeds will reliably germinate.


The Lady and I have a busy weekend ahead of us and we may not have time for the seedlings. I watered them generously and sealed them in plastic. Hopefully they will thrive all tucked in for the next few days.

The Lady and I passed by the Garden to drop off our compost and while we were there I took the soil temperature. It is now up to 52 Degrees! Hopefully it will be in the 60’s by the time we need to direct sow and transplant our colder weather seedlings.

14.04.08 Sloped AdvantageIt seems that our corn is starting to have some troubles. It is quickly growing to tall of our grow lights but I didn’t want to raise the lights too high for the other plants so I sloped the plant cells. Hopefully everyone will have enough space and light now. Happy trails little guys, see you all in the morning.

14.04.07 Simulated RainIt rained in the indoor garden today so here is a picture of a happy Zucchini plant. I also must note how wonderfully fragrant our pepper seedlings are and it was twice as strong while I was misting them.

14.04.06 Garden PrepIt been a busy day digging in the dirt.

14.04.05 Dog Number fourWell after my frustration earlier today we may have some good news. The Lady emailed about this handsome man a number of days ago and the adoption agency got back to her today with an application. She promptly filled it out and set it back. The agency just responded and are planning to contact our references!

14.04.05 Gardening BucketThe Lady and I have a big gardening day planned for tomorrow. We will be tilling the soil and creating planting areas and paths based on our garden plan. Although we have been collecting gardening essentials for the past couple weeks I took some time tonight to set up this bucket for The Lady. I am excited to finally be doing some serious work outside.